Civil Engineering

Industrialization is one of the main ways in which African countries can extract value from natural resources and mineral wealth. In addition industrial development can address issues such as job creation, skill development. Ensuring that value is created and local economic growth is sustainable, both significant expansion and improvement in national and regional hard infrastructure like road, rail, port and industrial facilities is required as well as institutional capacity development.


Our skills permit us to provide services in both engineering and project management. Dedicated to helping clients to successfully implement their manufacturing, processing and other industrial projects. We have worked with clients across the developing and the developed world; tailoring our integrated approach to each context and in line with our clients aims and objectives.

Companies We Work With:

Funding & Procurement

Our services cover the entire project cycle, from feasibility to financing and delivery, and include the following skills:

• Strategic Planning and Economic studies
• Business Case development
• Technical Feasibility Studies
• Integrated Master-Planning
• Industrial Building Design
• Bulk Infrastructure Planning and Design
• Transport and Logistics Planning
• Energy, Waste and Water Engineering Services
• Stakeholder Engagement
• Funding Advice

Project Lifecycle

We have the full range of skills required to plan, design, implement and advise on the organisational structure and institutional development for such facilities.
We have in-depth knowledge and experience working in and optimizing industrial developments and the ability to adapt our approach and delivery to local contexts and align with regional development processes and practices.

Industrial Zones

Our global multidisciplinary team includes expertise in urban and urban planning, architecture and landscaping, environmental services, roads, rail, stormwater, maritime, process water, sewerage, bridges, electrical, telecommunication and IT infrastructure.

Examples of relevant projects:
• Coega Industrial Development Zone Master Plan
• Atlantis GreenTechSpecial Economic Zone
• Automotive Supplier Park, South Africa
• Ethiopia Corridor and TOD Study

Logistics & Dry Ports

We develop strategies, that would include all the different physical and operational factors of a project, analysing how factors interact and how they determine the capacity, flexibility and cost of a system and the implementation of proposed strategy.

Examples of relevant projects:
• Freight Movement OptimisationPlans, South Africa
• BHP Billiton Strategic Rail Australia
• Logistics Network Strategy Study, South Africa
• Automotive Port and Rail Supply Chain Strategy, South Africa

Renewable Enegry

Using clean, renewable energy is one of most important actions you can take to reduce your impact on the environment. Renewable energy sources can be used to produce electricity with fewer environmental impacts. It is possible to make electricity from renewable energy sources without producing carbon dioxide, the leading cause of global climate change.

Renewable energy projects include solar, wind, hydro and bioenergy.


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